Polish Foundries

Since more than 130 years we are supplying high quality iron castings in all European countries

Casting in Gray Iron
Casting in Ductile Iron
Casting in Lost Wax
Automatic DISA lines
European production
43.000 ton/year

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Why Choose Our Group?

Grey Cast Iron and Ductile Iron production

We produce any kind of product in grey cast iron and ductile iron. We have the possibility to do machining and all our plants are equipped for painting phase.

We respect the enviroment

We are leader on castings branch. The foundry is at the top on the newest and sophosticated technologies that allow a quickly production with a low enviromental impact. We have a deep attention to the enviroment so to obtain the certifications to correct use of production's lines.

Over 130 years of exeperience

Thanks to our experience we know all the production phases about grey and ductile iron and know which are the critical points on the realization, that allow us to avoid execution problems. This experience is always at your service in order that your purchase be safe and in compliance.

Polish Foundries

If you are interested to discover which are the advantages to work with us we organize a guided tour on our production plants in order to let the customers to see and understand of our quality standard obtained and the attention that we place on the production of castings.

Odlewnia Zawiercie S.A.

Odlewnia Zawiercie S.A. in Zawiercie has 130 year standing tradition and rich experience in the production of whiteheart malleable cast iron fittings and castings.

NOWADAYS Odlewnia Zawiercie S.A.

  • Modern and proecological technology
  • Modernized technical
  • The guarantee of high quality products
  • Well experienced and qualified employees
  • Wide range of products
  • Precision foundry
  • Equipment (the induction melting plant, computer’s projects of engineering documentation - CAD)
  • Modern solidification simulation program MAGMA
  • The laboratory equipped with
  • The modern Spectrometer

Andoria-Mot Sp. z o.o.

The company Andoria-Mot continues the tradition of the Diesel Engine Factory „Andoria” Ltd, which dates back to the year 1945.

  • Acting as a reliable partner offering the highest quality products, Andoria – Mot is present in markets across the globe.
  • We are involved in the production of diesel engines used for different trucks (Gazelle, LUBLIN, Nysa) and field vehicles (UAZ, HONKER, ARO). We also produce the engines for industrial equipment such as generators, pumps, drives, compressors, etc.
  • Sales of a low power diesel engines for machines, generating and pumping sets.
  • Mechanical and Thermo-Chemical Departments
  • Sales of GAZELAtrucks
  • Repair of engines and generator sets
  • Sales of spare parts for engines and automobiles


Over 160-year metallurgic and casting traditions. CHOFUM is the company specializing in production of castings from grey (also special alloy cast iron) and ductile cast iron. Main products are:

  • Cylinders and Rolls for paper and food industry
  • Parts of machines for metal processing industry and others
  • Tubbings for mining shafts linings and tunnels
  • Cylpeps (grinding balls) for metal ores processing

Apart from above mentioned products, CHOFUM has appropriate capacities such as wide design- technological facilities and own pattern-shop, which allow offering full scope of technological solutions for great number castings with weight up to 25 000 kg. All products are made basing on technical documentation and casting patterns received from customers or prepared in-site. Moreover, the company holds wide design-technological facilities and own pattern-shop, which allows offering full scope of technological solutions for great number of products.

Huta Malapanew

We are located in the region of southwestern Poland, about 30km from Opole and 120km from Wroclaw.
Lostfoam technology is located on the premises of Huta Malapanew, the oldest polish steel plant founded in 1754.


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