The production lines

The casting realization consist on heat the raw material elevating the temperature to bring it to required temperature. The liquid raw material has poured on the stamp where take the shape.
Actually the newest techniques allow to obtain shapes more precise than the past in order to machine only a little part. Today the best results come from automatic lines by DISAMATIC.

DISAMATIC is a production line used for the realization of castings parts. This process is used for big lot of productions or for automative parts. DISAMATIC consists on a model machine and a model carrier. The model is in green sand and Bentonite. The sand is pressed so to form the model. After the pressing a carrier deliver the model.

This process is reapeted many times. The models then are poured with liquid metal and then cool down. At the end the castings realized are separated to the model and machined, while the sand is recycled for other use.

Which are the advantages?

DISAMATIC presents many advantages in comparison with classic pouring ways. It's fst. It do not require the models managing. It is an automatic process and the process can be monitored by one person reducing the labor costs. The sand use can be managed in base of the specific realization and can be regulated.

Our production line

We can realize parts that goes from a minimum of 0,10 Kg to a maximum of 47 Kg. All the tolerances are in according with the norm PN-ISO-9062 CT 9 - CT 11

Castings branches

  • Industrial valves
  • Energy
  • Highway
  • Mining
  • Rail
  • Automative

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