Quality is an important factor. Both for us and the customers who buy our products. That is why we made our the following factors:

  • Constant updating of the personnel through regular seminars
  • Application of all technologies to respect the environment
  • Continuous modernization of equipment and production systems
  • Continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System
  • Continuous improvement of customer service

Quality control laboratories

Our analytical laboratory provides:

  • A control physical and chemical of water and the loss of liquids

The environmental laboratory control:

  • Test on the environmental impact of workstations
  • Level dust
  • Sound level
  • Level of carbon monoxide
  • Measurement of microclimate parameters

The laboratory supply and resistance leads:

  • Materials testing of production and equipment
  • Test on scrap metals
  • Analysis of the mechanical properties
  • Strain
  • Elogation
  • Hardness
  • Impact

The metallographic laboratory:

  • It defines the microstructures of the sample of resilience and melting of the finished product
  • It provides photographic documentation of specific metallographic
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