HSP-D Line

Automation steps

The molding machine HSP-D is suitable for use in automatic lines. The line HSP-D is equipped with a turntable on which are held the two halves of the mold. The molds then pass under the compaction equipment. The filling with sand takes place in a fast way.

Independent hydraulic system

The hydraulic system enables independent work with different degrees of mechanization.

Programmable control system

The molding system HSP-D consists in a complex control system where the molds are controlled through a software to guarantee maximum speed and precision in the molding process.

Advantages of HSP-D line

  • Removing the sand and castings automatically
  • Compression models
  • Molds adaptable
  • Flexibility
  • Costs of finishing low
  • Easy manuntenzione of models
  • Uniformity of shapes

Castings branches

  • Industrial valves
  • Energy
  • Highway
  • Mining
  • Railway
  • Automative
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