Weldable Cast Iron

Weldable Cast Iron


According to the norm EN 1562


Whiteheart malleable iron products can easily be formed after tempering and annealing.
This will allow simple finishing work, such as pressing, deburring and bending to achieve certain malleability is the result of the composition of the material. Thanks to the ferrite skin, whiteheart malleable iron has a flexible outside layer with a favourable impact on the acceptable deformation of the outer fibres and reducing the risk of cracks. The pearlite core provides extra strength to the material. Applications:

  • Automoive industry
  • Building industry
  • Central Heating industry
  • Agricultural industry


Weldability is one of the most important properties of whiteheart malleable iron, combining the many advantages of casting and welding, and providing the user with innovative solutions for technically complex constructions.
During diffusion in the tempering process, carbon is extracted from the outside of the material, making whiteheart malleable iron most suitable for welding. The general limit for weldability (max 0.3 % Carbon) is reached for a wall thickness up to 8 mm (EN-GJMW-360-12W). Thanks to its excellent weldability, whiteheart malleable iron can be used in any welding process without the need for special precautions.


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